About the Center

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The Center for Resilience in Agricultural Working Landscapes (CRAWL) serves as the platform for integrating resilience into agriculture to serve the personal and economic well-being of Nebraskans and the state’s valued resources. The Center leverages national and international interests to guide the future of science, management, and policy in a manner truly capable of protecting the important agricultural resources that drive Nebraska’s economy and underpin our global leadership in feeding the world.


The Center will be the leading global institution in agricultural resilience, guiding the future of science, management and policy focused on protecting the agricultural systems that feed the world, and the health of the people that inhabit it.


The Center’s mission is to train future leaders in the theory of agricultural resilience; apply resilience theory to agricultural landscapes to ensure that they can cope with external and internal stressors and maintain their adaptive capacity; identify win-win conservation gaps and provide guidance for closing those gaps; and position the University of Nebraska as a leader in the science of agricultural resilience.