Resilience Education

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Applying ‘resilience thinking’ to agricultural landscapes helps manage, design, and, when needed, transform landscapes to provide critical ecosystem services over a wide variety of conditions. Below are projects where CRAWL operationalizes resilience theory and models to deliver enhanced outcomes for working landscapes and the natural systems on which they depend.

Discover Resilience

Resilience is now a term widely used in every-day language, but resilience is not a metaphor. It is an emergent property that can be measured and operationalized to explicitly help solve many of the issues that challenge human well-being.

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Courses Offered

Ecological resilience is a framework for conceptualizing change in ecosystems, social systems, and more. This concept transcends individual disciplines and seeks to provide ways to understand and strategize responses to change in both natural and human systems.

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Council for Resilience Education

The council is a science communication student organization dedicated to the increased understanding of ecological resilience and its application.

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