Kate Bird

photo of Kate Bird

M.S. Student, School of Natural Resources

Advisor(s): Craig Allen

Kate Bird is pursuing an M.S. in Natural Resource Sciences with a specialization in adaptive management under the advising of Dr. Craig Allen and Dr. Andrea Basche. Her master's research has dual foci: (1) examining the relationship between functional connectivity and scale in the Central Platte River Valley and (2) exploring ranchers' approaches to rangeland management under changing conditions in Nebraska and Colorado. More broadly, Kate's interests include natural resource management in agricultural systems, resilience, and stakeholder engagement in natural resource management. Before arriving at UNL, Kate obtained a B.A. in Political Science with a minor in Biology from Wellesley College.


Bird, K. (2021, October). Importance of Scale in Evaluating Landscape Connectivity: An Examination of Wetland Habitat in the Central Platte River Valley. Virtual presentation at the Nebraska Natural Legacy Conference.


Bird, K. I. T., Nichols, V. A., Garay, E. S., Nowatzke, M., Essary, C., Post, K. K., Deviney, A. V., Welles, J. S., Alao, M. O., Dorbu, F. E., Classen, J. J., Koziel, J. A., & Cortus, E. L. (2022). Means, motive, and opportunity: A method for understanding stakeholder agency within food–energy–water systems. Elementa: Science of the Anthropocene, 10(1), 00066.