Katharine Hogan

Katherine Hogan in the field doing research
Katharine Hogan photo

Ph.D., School of Natural Resources

Advisor(s): Craig Allen , Dave Wedin

Katharine Hogan completed her M.S. in Environmental Science in 2014 and has been working in native habitat restoration and conservation across the United States since 2009. She is currently a Ph.D. candidate in Natural Resources Science under the supervision of Dr. Craig Allen and Dr. David Wedin, studying prairie restoration floral resource provisioning and community functional response to drought. She is part of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s NSF Research Traineeship program in agroecosystem resilience, completing her dissertation with the support of The Nature Conservancy in Nebraska and the Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education graduate student grant program. She was also recently awarded an Arthur W. Sampson Fellowship for graduate students researching managed grassland systems, and a Heuermann Plant Science Innovation Fellowship for excellence in advanced doctoral plant science research.


1. Hogan, K.F.E., Nash, K.L., Bennett, E.M. Adaptive Management of Ecosystem Services for Multisystemic Resilience in Multisystemic Resilience. Edited by: Michael Ungar, Oxford University Press (2021). DOI:10.1093/oso/9780190095888.001.0001 

2. Epperson, D.M., Allen, C.R., Hogan, K.F.E. Red Imported Fire Ants Reduce Invertebrate Abundance, Richness, and Diversity in Gopher Tortoise Burrows.  Diversity (2020). https://doi.org/10.3390/d13010007. 


  • 2022 Meritorious Graduate Student Award
  • 2021 Heuermann Fellowship Award
  • 2021 Arthur Sampson Fellowship Award
  • 2020 Nature Conservancy Grant Recipient "Increasing the effectiveness of pollinator conservation grasslands within the Tallgrass Prairie Region" ($25,000 )
  • 2020 J.E. Weaver Competitive Grant Recipient
  • 2020 North Central Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Grant Recipient ($15,000)